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Camp Ajawah is a rustic, nature-based summer camp in Wyoming,
Minnesota that has made a significant impact on many lives.

The mission of The Ajawah Conservancy is to preserve the unique spirit of
Camp Ajawah, including its values, history, traditions, programs and facilities,
for current and future generations.

The objectives of The Ajawah Conservancy are to:

Work collectively and in a positive manner with key constituency
groups toward the preservation of Camp Ajawah

Educate others about the value of Camp Ajawah as a rustic,  close-to-
nature camping experience

Document, collect and preserve Ajawah-related objects and history

In 2007, Westminster Church established a new task force called the "Westminster Ajawah Response Team." The mandate of this committee is (i)
to review the April 2007 Report of the joint Session-Ajawah Task Force and
other issues related to the Camp and the Church, (ii) to make
recommendations to Westminster’s boards for their response to the Task
Force Report; (iii) to make recommendations to Westminster’s boards for
ways to improve relations between the Camp and the Church.  They expect to
complete their work in 2008.

We want to show the Camping Board, the Church and this new committee the
commitment and support that Camp Ajawah has from its alumni and the
broader community.

It is important that the community of Camp Ajawah come together now to be
part of this process. We need your support. Our goal is to have hundreds join
as supporters as quickly as possible. E-mail your camp friends so they can
join too!
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